#TheSolution6…Six events to celebrate six years of The Solution…

February 2013 makes it six years since we launched The Solution on a faithful day in the beginning of February 2007.  First and foremost, me and Sounds Supreme set out to simply create the kind of party we’d like to go.  Over the years maintaining that vision hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been an incredible trip and we’ve gotta shout out everyone in Colorado and beyond who’s come out to the party over the years.  From our first days at the Shelter/Milk Bar to The Funky Buddha to the last year of The Solution Showcase at the Meadowlark before we recently settled into the Meadowlark as a weekly home, the party’s always been defined by great music and great people and we look forward to keeping the tradition alive.  With that said, a lot has changed since we started the party and we want to make sure everyone knows about what we’re up to these days.

As you might have noticed, the party has grown beyond just a club night.  Over to the last few years, we’ve expanded in a lot of different directions, dropping The Solution Tape #1 (follow up coming later this year) to going on statewide tours to collaborating with like-minded parties in other cities to running the former Solution Boulder at ‘Round Midnight to launching The Solution Showcase, The Solution Beat Battle, The Art Of Records & more fun stuff.  So from 2013 and beyond, catch us coming up with new ways to enjoy the music we all love while keeping with the core ideals that make the party so much fun intact.  All this marches on (with a fly soundtrack, of course) with #TheSolution6 (blockbuster sequel to last year’s #TheSolution5, duh!).

Maybe you’ve seen #TheSolution6 floating around on our flyers and posts this month and if you weren’t around last February for #TheSolution5 last year it probably doesn’t make much sense. So what makes up #TheSolution6?

Starting Friday, 2/8: The Solution celebrates our sixth anniversary by returning to weekly status w/DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez, Sounds Supreme, special guest DJ Izer and a legendary, top secret guest DJ at the Meadowlark. Plus, we’re celebrating the birthday our our #COhiphop favorites Xencs L. Wing, Joe Blizzy, Bravo One & Karina B! #TheSolution6

Friday, 2/15: It’s Dre Day 2013 (Dr. Dre’s birthday is Feb. 18) as DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & special guest DJ Dozen (Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game) run down Andre Young’s career, covering his production work, rap features & samples, from the World Class Wreckin’ Cru era to his Kendrick verses, and honor one of the best hip hop producers ever. #TheSolution6

Friday, 2/22: The Solution Showcase #13 w/Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan), Diamond Boiz, Paul Junior, DJ Low Key & DJ Lazy Eyez at the Meadowlark. #TheSolution6

Wednesday, 2/27: The 2013 Solution Beat Battle w/special guests Exile & Johaz aka Dag Savage, 2012 winner BK Beats, co-host Boonie Mayfield, one man band DJ Fast Forward, DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme & more at Beauty Bar Denver. #TheSolution6

Thursday, 2/28 at 7pm: Sound College x The Solution Celebrate J Dilla w/DJ Check One, DJ Low Key, Deejay SD, DJ Chonz, Big J. Beats, Brik-A-Brak, Casey Sidwell & more at Unit E. RSVP required for entry, details here. #TheSolution6

Friday, 3/1: The Art Of Records II. An homage to classic hip hop album cover art featuring an all-star Denver artist lineup coming soon, curated by DJ Low Key & Dunn The Signtologist. #TheSolution6

Thanks for a INCREDIBLE first six years Colorado, we can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 #TheSolution6, Events, Guests, Updates