Some of the rappers/DJs/artists/brands/etc who have been featured at the Solution over the years:





Boonie Mayfield

Che Grand (Brooklyn)

CROS1 (San Diego)

DJ Amen


DJ Bedz

DJ Benzi (Michigan)

DJ Check One

DJ Chonz

DJ Clockwork (Cincinnati)

DJ Day (LA)

DJ Dozen

DJ Drew Byrd (LA)

DJ Forge (NC)

DJ Image (Philly)

DJ Lazy Eyez

DJ Petey

DJ Phoreyz (Las Vegas)

DJ Psycho

DJ Soup

DJ Squirt

DJ Stretch

DJ Styles N’ Fashion aka Big Styles

DJ Tense

DJ Vajra

Dom Kennedy (LA)

Donnis (Atlanta)

Dunn the Signtologist

Es Nine

Exile (LA)

Family Affair

Food Chain

Frank151 (NYC)

Hip Hop Chocolates

Kid Hum

King F.O.E.

Little Wing

Median (NC)

Mickey Factz (NY)

Path One

Patrick Hansen

Popular Lemonade

Risk One (Seattle)

Slum Village (Detroit)


Stones Throw Records (LA)

Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn)

The Dope Group

The Kidz In The Hall (Chicago)

The 400

The Gro Project

Theophilus London (Brooklyn)

Tonedeff (New York)

U-N-I (LA)


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