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Meet Whygee, our featured Denver artist for The Solution Showcase #5 on 4/28 at The Meadowlark…

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Denver, meet Whygee.  In fact, if you’ve been paying attention to #COhiphop scene at all over the last few years you should already know him from such acclaimed projects as his recent collab with Denver musical mastermind Q-Knox, I Need $, CMJ chart favorite Suicide Watch (w/Kid Hum, B Money & Quiz fka Sunkenstate), Dispensary Music (w/King F.O.E.) and Hype Killz, his mixtape collaboration with The Solution’s own Sounds Supreme.  Just in time for Summer, Whygee’s dropping Hype Killz 2012 aka HK2012 and he’s doing it at The Solution Showcase #5.  This time around he’s not only linking with Sounds Supreme again but also enlisting his show DJ, Brik-A-Brak, and DJ Ear Attent to up the ante for HK2012.  The tape features production from CO beat heavyweights, Gyp Da Hip and Big J Beats (both former guest at The Solution Showcase), as well as a few other surprises.

Check out the videos and audio links to get familiar with one of The Solution’s all-time favorite rappers in Denver and catch Whygee w/DJ Brik-A-Brak rocking all new material from HK2012 on Saturday, 4/28 at The Solution Showcase #5, along with Median (NC///Foreign Exchange Music///JAMLA Records), BK Beats (The Solution Beat Battle winner), DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & more at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St).  Stay tuned to @DenverSolution for more info, a chance to win free tickets & more.  21+ /// $5 Pre-sales available at Family Affair downtown (plus get 15% your entire purchase when you buy a Solution Showcase ticket) /// $8 at the door.

P.S. Whygee will be celebrating his birthday (his actual birthday is Monday 4/30), so make sure grab him a birthday drink!  Preferably after he rocks…LOL…

.:Download Whygee & Sounds Supreme – Hype Killz:.

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Meet Dealz aka Dealz Makes Beats, our featured producer for The Solution Showcase #4 on 3/24…

Meet Dealz Makes Beats, our featured CO producer for The Solution Showcase #4 on Saturday, 3/24.  About 99% of the time, Dealz has a portable turntable in his hands.  Not 99% of the time when he’s making music or record shopping, I’m pretty sure it’s just 99% of his everyday life that he carries it around.  That same dedication to music and the magic of records comes in across in his music.  Dealz’s beats are soulful, funky and embody the classic hip hop aesthetic that could only come from someone who carries a portable turntable around 24/7, get a taste below:

More about Dealz, in his own words and via interview from his soundcloud page:

My homey’s call me Dealz. I used to rap but I got crazy bored with ‘beat makers’ giving me the run around, so now I make beats all day and produce for afew artist. If you like em let me know and if not? thats cool too. I keep my S^&* gutta, raw, soulful and most importantly I try to make the BEST & SOULFUL music I can 4 myself and for all my people. KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE! FYI: I dont do this music thing to get rich (even though i’d love to), I dont do it because it’s the cool thing to make beats now and I for damn sure dont do it for the groupies. I make this music because I LOVE to do it. When everyone gives up because their overnite success didnt survive the next day, I’m going to be giving the people the music they need in their lives NOW and FOREVER. MUSIC IS A REFLECTION…words that I breathe by….If your music isnt timeless; Then what are you doing for?
I try to bring back that essence of hip hop I grew up on. But I aslo use down south soulfulness, west coast laid back, and midwest innovation to create something that everyone can feel. Whether you want to dance to it, flow to it, smoke to it, ride around the streets to it, as long as you use it for what it is, I’ve done my job. OH AND I’M AN AVID CRATE DIGGER! cant forget that!
Why this name?
Its the last part of my name. And I am heavily influenced by the great J Dilla. One the best to ever do it. That and I make beats….Dealz…Makes Beats!
Do you play live?
Me and my emcee Daijon Kool, rock shows with him on the mic and me rocking the MP live. Youtube: DealzMakesBeats…you’ll see.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet changes everything. You dont need MTV or BET to get exposure, theres always a give and take tho. MTV and those outlets give you the ultimate exposure as far as media goes, but you may not have the freedom over the ideas you want to bring into fruition. Yet with the ‘net, its all your work ethic. If you want to be put out there, then its all up to you to get that buzz (along with good music). Theres no one to blame but yourself.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
For a production deal? OF COURSE. Theres no money in rap anymore! >>> My group DND could tho!
Band History:
Lego blocks are the key to success. Sounds crazy but I’m dead serious. Everything that I’ve done relates to those mini blocks. When you have one block, you only have that one block. But when you get another one you can make one bigger block, then you get another and you can make a bigger one. And once you get 100 more blocks you can make a castle! haha my musical life thats how it breaks down. In 6th grade my best friend, Jomeezius the Genius, asked me to rap in a talent show with the then young B-Nice (stage performances). In 9th grade, Jomeezius built a studio and we recorded a compilation album (studio experience). I moved to Seattle in 12th grade and created a lot of interest after school for my improvised freestyles in front of students, teachers, parents (marketing). And in my adult years, came the keyboards for x-mas, the recording software knowledge, and finally the MPC that I saved a month for. all these blocks helped me crate, not quite a castle, but a nice one bed one bath apartment made of blue legos. The moral of my story is it takes time to be good at something and all these experiences helped and are helping me get to where I want music to take me.I also just wrapped up my first ever fully produced album with emcee Daijon Kool. Together we formed DND (Dealz n Daijon/ Duck n Dive/ Dim n Dark). Im straight on the MPC as he commands the mic.
Your influences?
I’m into EVERYTHING music! Hip hops always has my heart tho.
Favorite spot?
I stay in Denver, raised on the east coast, but Seattle is my city! (and I was only there for 3 years!) but Denver does have some dope diggin’ spots. The A Town (AURORA CO) is the hip hop spot no joke.
Equipment used:
Numark 1510 Tables, Eurorack mixer and my best friends…THE MPC 2000XL and an assload of RECORDS!
Anything else…?
I try to bring back that essence of hip hop I grew up on. But I aslo use down south soulfulness, west coast laid back, and midwest innovation to create something that everyone can feel. Whether you want to dance to it, flow to it, smoke to it, ride around the streets to it, as long as you use it for what it is, I’ve done my job. OH AND I’M AN AVID CRATE DIGGER! cant forget that!
Catch Dealz Makes Beats rocking along with Che Grand, 1984 (aka The Solution Beat Battle runner-up Big J Beats & Marky Bias), DJ Low Key and Lazy Eyez at The Solution Showcase #4 at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St).  Stay tuned to @DenverSolution for more info, a chance to win free tickets & more.  21+ /// $5 Pre-sales available at Family Affair downtown (plus get 15% your entire purchase when you buy a Solution Showcase ticket) /// $8 at the door.

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Saturday, 3/24 -> The Solution Showcase #4 w/Che Grand (Brooklyn /// Lessondary), 1984 (Big J Beats & Marky Bias), Dealz Makes Beats, DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & more at The Meadowlark…

SATURDAY, 3/24 -> It’s about time for The Solution Showcase #4 and the lineup is ridiculous. We’ve got one of Brooklyn’s finest, Che Grand (Brooklyn /// Lessondary), Solution beat battle runner up Big J Beats & Marky Bias aka 1984, MPC boss Dealz Makes Beats, and 2/3rds of The Solution DJs, DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez at The Meadowlark (2701 Larimer). Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with someone on the bill, just trust that your favorite DJs aren’t gonna steer you wrong (a big part of The Solution Showcase is about discovering dope new music and people have been digging it). So head over to to learn more about the performers and hopefully we’ll see you out for the party! 21+ /// $5 Pre-sales available at Family Affair downtown & get you 15% off your entire purchase /// $8 at the door /// Doors at 9.

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Brittney the Square and DJ Dozen…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  First up, we have R&B/soul music guru Brittney the Square and the youngest DJ in charge aka DJ Dozen sharing their top 3 Solution moments; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Brittney The Square’s Top 3 Solution Moments:
1. The 2010 (4th Annual) Solution J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village at Bar Standard:  SV is the first hip hop group that really got me listening to hip hop back in 2002.  So, to meet them and see them perform at The Solution was amazing.  Although I spent most of the night in the back corner away from the party soliciting donations for the J Dilla Foundation, the night still managed to make my top 3 list for a few reasons:  1. meeting SV and seeing them perform some of my favorite tracks 2. eating all the damn donuts (powdered and chocolate were the preference) 3. hearing tracks that I had no idea Dilla produced and buggin’ out about it and of course, 4. supporting a good cause.

2.  Meeting my boyfriend at the Solution at the Funky Buddha:  It was either my first or second night ever at The Solution and I was helping out with usual stuff when Low Key introduced me to, who would later be, my future boyfriend.  When we met, we immediately got on the subject of, of course, music and our music preferences.  We talked about not only hip hop, but soul/r&b, which is my favorite.  I was impressed that he knew all of my favorite artists and I think he was impressed that I was so into and passionate about the same music as he was.  It took me awhile to really come around, but eventually I did.  Hate to admit it, but you can find love at the “club”.

3.  My third favorite Solution moment doesn’t have a name.  It’s just those random nights dancing and vibing to good ass music with your favorite people.  That’s what it’s all about, right?

DJ Dozen’s (yes, that’s him rocking the Thugnificent look for Halloween) Top 3 Solution Moments:
1.  The first annual Solution J Dilla tribute at Milk:  I hit up the party with Dealz, Mike Lee, and Gully Gabby; it was my first time seeing midwest music embraced in CO. At the ripe age of 18, I stepped out to see what this good music was all about. I still remember sittin wit Dealz and every so often yelling “Dilla Made This Too?!?” It was def a good experience.

2.  Exile, DJ Day, Tanya Morgan and Che Grand at the Solution at the Funky Buddha:  After a long day setting up and facilitating there is nothing better that to get an unexpected crazy live show.  Coming in, I knew that DJ Day and Exile were set to perform but at no point was I ready for the Micheal Jackson Tribute or for Donwill, Von Pea and Che Grand to rip freestyles over their beats mid party!!! Crazy night but super fun!

3.  Solution moments come in a blur for some of us who attend on a regular basis, not at all because they are the same, it’s more like having extra fun. Like I go out normally but the atmosphere aint like this; in the club jammin all night, with ya hands in the air, not worrying about any problems.  Of course there’s drinks too, but just an overall good feeling vibe going through everybody in the building.

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