Friday, 3/22 -> Protect Michelle’s Family Fundraiser at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez! Please help us raise money to help longtime supporter of the Denver scene’s family at The Black Box!!!

From the GoFundMe page started by longtime friend of the party and Denver fixture Bianca Mikahn: Greetings Community. I’m reaching out on behalf of our friend and sister. Michelle has been an amazing example in our community. She takes on much and never asks for anything, so I’m reaching out to you for support on her behalf. Please read her heartfelt words;

My father, John Mata, is the loving dad of three children and grand-father to seven. He has been a tax paying resident of the US since he was sixteen years old working hard, painting with pastels and gardening on his days off. On Wednesday my father was getting ready to go on his daily walk down a path near his home. He used to hike mountains every morning, but since his health has deteriorated over the years, he sticks to walking flat paths. He never expected one of these relaxing walks to lead him into the hands of ICE agents (who’d set up an operation of confusing scale for this placid trail with no inciting activity). They detained John at 2pm on March 6th. The only thing he said, calmly while submitting to custody was “I can’t go, I promised my grand-daughter I’d be there to watch her graduate…”. That’s the kind of Grandfather he is. He never makes promises he can’t keep and he is the type of person to offer support to others, even if he has never had much. My father builds me up and cheers me on when I feel defeated. He has always helped me financially, emotionally and spiritually, experiences echoed by my siblings.

John Mata’s case is very winnable with proper legal counsel, though the financial impact of proving my father’s right to be here is beyond our means. Remaining in ICE custody poses potential challenges in accessing his medical care. The cost of just getting started with counsel is $4000. He has already invested thousands of dollars and countless hours attempting to establish citizenship only to be given additional steps and challenges. Your support will be used for legal fees to keep John with his family.

*Donate to help Michelle & her family via GoFundMe HERE*

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Friday, 3/8 -> Special guest DJ SponsOne celebrates his birthday at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez!!! Photos by special guest IG: @303Ken, complimentary Solution stickers & more at The Black Box!

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Saturday, 2/23 -> The Solution’s 13th Annual J Dilla Celebration w/the legendary Mad Skillz, Stro Elliot of The Roots, DJ Dozen, DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez at The Black Box! Donut wall for charity, Dilla’s music on one of the best sound systems in town & more!!!

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Friday, 2/22 -> Special guest DJ Amen (LiineLevel) at The Solution w/Lazy Eyez at The Black Box! Photos by IG: @Armando_Geneyro, complimentary new Solution stickers & more!!!

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Friday, 2/15 -> Special guest DJ Bonics (Wiz Khalifa’s DJ/Thre3 US Finalist/Heavy Hitters) at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez at The Black Box! Photos by IG: @Armando_Geneyro, complimentary new Solution stickers & more!!!