Jessica, the official Solution bartender, is rejoining the party on a weekly basis!!!


We’re super excited to announce that Jessica, the longtime official Solution bartender, is going to be joining us every Friday at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St)!  Jess has been a big part of the party since just short of day 1 (she worked at the same venue, The Shelter, but in a different room) and we couldn’t be happier about getting her involved with our latest endeavors (no offense to the Meadowlark’s great bartending staff, but Jess is a Solution institution!).  She’ll be bartending on the back patio bar, where she’ll be serving up potent, tasty drinks and talking shit like only she can do every Friday night (and at Goodness too!).  Check out Jess’s top 3 Solution memories from a few years back to get a little more familiar with the infamous Solution bartender.

We used to joke that Jess was more popular than the DJs at the party, but it might be closer to the truth; check out this story from DJ Big Styles for some proof:

Jessica aka “The Bartender” – I know what you’re thinking: Styles, do we need to blow this chick’s head up anymore? Yes, yes we do. Aside from DJs, “The Bartender” has been the only mainstay for me at the Solution. You never forget your first time, and my first time was back in ‘07 at Low Key’s birthday party. What’s crazy for me is how directly this night mimicked the lyrics to T-Pain’s hit from the same year, ironically titled- wait for it: “Bartender.” (I know right! T-Pain is a GENIUS!) Follow the eerie parallels: 1) I had just broke up with my girl, and had gone to the club. 2) I was just looking for someone to talk to and show me some love. 3) Everybody was jocking me as soon as I stepped in the spot. 3) We can all agree that Jessica is a prettly lil’ thing, and the bar at that time was up at the top. 4) When I ordered my beer she indeed showed me some love (well she had to, the manager at Bar Standard recognized me and comped my beer! ) 4) She gave me drinks to drink 5) I drunk em. 6) I could have sworn that I thought she she thought I was cool. 7) I gave her a wink 8) she winked back…..and that’s where the similarity ends. Yup, I ignored the live performances and instead hit on “the bartender.’ Of course I thought I was brand new, in reailty I quickly became another statistic on the “Dudes at the Solution who have hit on me” chart that I imagine the nerdier version of Jessica has on her laptop. But for a few minutes many moons ago, life absolutely imitated art. God Bless T-Pain, and God Bless the Solution.

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Friday, May 3rd, 2013 Updates