Meet Black Jordan, our featured Denver producer for The Solution Showcase #8 aka The Basement Instinct Release Party on Saturday, 8/25 at the Meadowlark…

Denver, meet Black Jordan (aka Jay Gunna) of Team Latchkey & The D.O.P.E. Game.  The 22-year old producer is one of Denver’s best kept secrets, although the word has started getting around after his standout appearance at The Solution Beat Battle in February and the release of Team Latchkey’s debut EP, Earwax, last month.  Hot on it’s heels, Black Jordan is dropping his debut beat tape, Basement Instinct (mixed by DJ Dozen), at The Solution Showcase #8, which is doubling as the official Basement Instinct Release Party.  Since he’s still a relatively new cat on the scene, I interviewed Black Jordan to get us all some more details on his music, Team Latchkey, his Basement Instinct beat tape, his plans to drop a beat tape per month this Fall & his set at The Solution Showcase tonight.

So first off, Black Jordan, Jay Gunna, what’s up with the name(s)?

The homies always called me Gunna back in the day and i never really knew why, haha. All I knew was I didn’t really feel it though. I had a white homie named Jordan too, so it got to the point where we had to specify which Jordan where we were talking about. Then before you know it boom. Black Jordan. It just stuck.

You’re part of Team Latchkey, how did you link up with the group? What’s it like being in a group with 2 producers?

Team Latchkey is peoples. I grew up with those cats. So it only made sense, they were as dedicated to hip hop as i was. Being in a group with two producers is dope, DealzMakesBeats is a incredible producer. Sometimes we bump heads, but it ends up contrasting to our advantage. That’s my nigga for life. It’s also nice having some competition to keep up with haha.

The firist time you popped up on a lot of people’s radars was at The Solution Beat Battle back in February, what was that like?

Mannn, I’m glad you asked that. The Solution Battle was like my first experience doing me out of the group. Before that I had no idea people were even feeling my beats, so to experience something like that, with so many talented artist showing me love for my music, was an honor. I didn’t win, nor did I come close haha but that was fun as shit. I definitely wanna get more into the battle scene.

This Saturday is also the release party for Basement Instinct…What’s the project all about (besides the dope name)?

The only thing I want it to be about is hip hop. I obtained a record collection from my grandfather who passed away a while back. They ain’t many, but these records mean a lot to me. It only made sense to create a tape out of ’em. So I made some basement shit.

I’m sorry to hear he passed….Is the project 100% samples from his collection?

Most of them, yes..

How would you describe the project’s sound?

It’s different…It’s definitely got two styles on it. Some of the tracks have a boom bap feel, but the next one might by hype a fuck. I tried to keep it groovy. some shit you party to, some shit you roll up to.

You’re a young cat, what other younger producers inspire you?

I honestly cant think of young cats that have inspired me… the people that have inspired me most are local artist that I’ve grown to know over the past few years. But some of my biggest influences right now are Chuck Inglish, Spaceghostpurrp, Clams Casino, Gramatik, Lex Luger, Flying Lotus and J.Cole.

Who are some of the local artists who’ve inspired you?

Big J Beats first and foremost. Gyp Da Hyp, Q-Knox and DJ Check One are just a few. I won’t even start to name all of the local artist in general that inspire me.

What are you working on now that Basement Instinct is almost out?

My goal is to come out with a beat tape every month for each month of this Fall/Winter. I need to play catch up.

And what’s next for Team Latchkey?

We just released The Earwax EP on bandcamp about a month ago. I’m pretty exited about it. As for what’s next we are all working on our solo projects. Which I’m super stoked to see what we all come up with.

As your name gets bigger, are there any artists on your “must work with” list?

I’ve got my eye on the whole TDE crew haha. Them dudes are crushin shit right now. Oh yeah, and I gotta work with that cat Dom Kennedy.

Speaking of Dom Kennedy, our out of town feature for The Solution Showcase #8, BrandUn DeShay, has produced some tracks for him. What are your thoughts on BrandUn and his music?

I came up on that cats music a few months back, and I’m lovin it. It was actually inspiring to see us young dudes making moves. Great producer. Great Emcee. What more could you ask for?

What can people expect from your production set tonight at The Solution Showcase #8?


Don’t miss Black Jordan at The Solution Showcase #8, alongside Chicago’s BrandUn DeShay, Bianca Mikahn, DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez, inside at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St).  Starts at 9pm/21+/$5 pre-sales at all three Family Affair locations or $8 at the door.

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Above: Team Latchkey “Mac In Action” video by Jeremy Pape (song produced by Black Jordan, additional production by Dealz Makes Beats)

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 Guests, The Solution Showcase