Flashback: Great pics from #TheSolution7 & lots more by Solution photographer Armando Geneyro aka Knower Of The Ledge!!!

(Above photo of DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & Sounds Supreme by Kenneth Hamblin III for Westword, check out their full gallery HERE /// All photos below by Solution photographer Armando Geneyro aka Knower Of The Ledge)

Last month’s 7 events for The Solution’s seven year anniversary were ridiculously fun and we’ve got to give all the credit to you Denver! You beautiful (for the most part…LOL) people came out to all seven events in record numbers, rocking excellent taste in music with enthusiasm, great energy and lots of smiles and it was AMAZING!!! Check out the pics below for a taste of the month’s events and check out lots more pictures on our Facebook page, our Instagram feed and in these two Westword galleries (one from our 7 Year Anniversary party & one from The 2014 Solution Beat Battle).

P.S. If you see a friend on our Facebook page or Instagram feed who hasn’t been tagged, please tag them and let them know to check their out pic!

Stay tuned to our social media pages and this site for more pics from the party every week, courtesy of Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge aka Armando Geneyro!!!


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The Solution at the Meadowlark w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez named “Best Club Night Return” in the 2013 Westword Best Of Denver issue! Thanks for the love Denver!!!

Awesome news in this week’s 2013 Westword Best Of Denver issue:

Best Club Night ReturnThe Solution

“At this point, the Solution is well on its way to becoming a Denver institution. But it isn’t just our town’s longest-running and most revered hip-hop night — it’s also a testament to quality and resilience. Despite having moved virtually all over town since it was founded half a dozen years ago by DJ Low Key and DJ Sounds Supreme, the Solution continues to draw a faithful crowd wherever — and however — it goes. Even after the Solution took a hiatus from weekly parties, the Solution crew continued to offer showcases featuring a parade of the best local MCs and producers, along with lauded acts from elsewhere. And last month, when the Solution returned to a weekly format at its new home at The Meadowlark, all was right in the cosmos again.” – Westword

Thanks to everyone who’s been coming out, we love y’all!  Our return to Fridays has been off to better start than we could have hoped for and we’re looking forward to things just getting better as the weather warms up. Hopefully y’all can join us this and every Friday to celebrate!!!

P.S. Both DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez are nominated for “best hip hop DJ” in the 2013 Westword Music Showcase.  Please take a few seconds and vote for your favorite Solution DJ HERE.

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Both DJ Lazy Eyez & DJ Low Key are nominated for “Best Hip Hop DJ” in the 2013 Westword Music Showcase…It’s a tough call, but either one is a vote for The Solution! Thanks for the love Denver!!!

Vote DJ Low Key.

Vote DJ Lazy Eyez.

Either one is a vote for The Solution & that’s what matters most.

Thanks for the love Denver. Shouts to the 2013 Westword Music Showcase nominating committee for recognizing the work we put in. Extra crazy party at The Solution if one of us wins.


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Please take a second & vote DJ Low Key in the 2012 Westword Music Showcase…A vote for DJ Low Key is a vote for The Solution…


The Solution’s own DJ Low Key is nominated for “best hip hop DJ” in the 2012 Westword Music Showcase (he’s won a few times already, but we’re overdue to add another award to our collection so make sure you go vote).  Please take a quick minute to vote for him, a vote for Low Key is a vote for The Solution.  More about it, in his own words from from djlowkey.com:

It’s Westword Music Showcase time and I’m nominated again (shouts to the nominating committee, I appreciate the recognition & Westword, Denver’s premier music/arts/entertainment magazine)!!!  It’s an honor in itself to be nominated, but everyone wants to win.  With that said, please do me a favor and head over to the Westword Music Showcase site, find the “DJ – Hip Hop” category towards the bottom (category #38) and vote for your boy.  Thanks again y’all, I appreciate the support.  Last but not least, props to all the dope DJs around town, both those nominated and not.

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Please take a quick minute & vote DJ Low Key in the 2011 Westword Music Showcase…

From djlowkey.com: What’s up world?  I wanted to check in and see if you’d do me the quick favor of heading over to Westword.com and voting for me for best hip hop DJ in the Westword Music Showcase.  Voting is easy and painless and since I’m up against such Colorado DJ heavyweights as defending DMC NYC champion DJ Cysko Rokwel, Moolah Boy K-Tone, Solution co-founder Sounds Supreme and world renowned turntablist DJ Vajra, I’m gonna need your help to follow up my win in 2010 (Thanks again Denver, I also won in 2008 and I think a win this year would make me the first three time winner; please help me make history).  I have a ton of respect for all four of the other competitors and they’re all friends of mine, but you can’t vote for everybody so you might as well vote DJ Low Key (category 39).

And most importantly, thanks for the support in the contest and my DJ career, whether or not I win. I couldn’t do what I do for a living without the support of fine people like yourself and I know, appreciate and relish that.

P.S. If I win, I’ll make a mixtape for y’all or throw a party or both or something else that’s even better, trust.

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Sounds Supreme & DJ Low Key both nominated for “Best Hip Hop DJ” in the Westword Music Showcase…Please vote…

I’m a little late in posting this, but both of us were recently nominated for “Best Hip Hop DJ” in the 2010 Westword Music Showcase.   It’s not the first time for either of us but it’s always an honor in itself to be nominated.  With that said, vote Sounds Supreme, vote Low Key, vote for your other favorite DJ instead of us, but please just take a quick 2 minutes and vote for your favorite Denver acts over at Westword.com .  Shouts to the nominating committee and all of our supporters, here’s a little more info on the committee who nominated us (alongside Chonz, Cysko Rokwel, Vajra & K Tone) in Westword’s words:

We took greater care than ever before to ensure that we received input from an every facet of the scene. To that end, we reached out to bloggers, critics, radio programmers and personalities, promoters, club owners, booking agents, past nominees and even readers/fans, enlisting all of them to serve on this year’s nominating committee panel.

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