The Solution Showcase #1 Recap Video w/TiRon, Ayomari & more…Courtesy of Konsequence…

Our boy Konsequence aka Jeremy Pape put together a very dope recap of last month’s The Solution Showcase #1 that you need to check out, whether you missed the party or you were there and wanna relive the memories of a great night.  The first half introduces the lineup and the second half features TiRon & Ayomari rocking “The Luncheon” live.  If you enjoy, please post it on your fb wall, tumblr, twitter, etc or tell a friend and don’t miss The Solution Showcase #2, this Friday, 1/20!!!

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TiRon & Ayomari interview from The Smoking Section…Catch them at the Solution Showcase #1 on 12/15!!!

(Catch TiRon & Ayomari when they hit Denver on 12/15 for the Solution Showcase #1)

It was a star-studded event in Los Angeles’s premiere venue, The Music Box, where the sold-out crowd gathered to watch their beloved hometown hero, Kendrick Lamar. Big names like A$AP Rocky, Krondon, and Busta Rhymes were in the house as either entourage or performers and even the mythical Dr. Dre had a section of the balcony for himself to enjoy the festivities without being hounded by the peons. Featured on the bill, Left-Coast duo TiRon & Ayomari caught everyone by surprise as they preached about relationships and love’s many complexities, while eloquently doing live renditions of their highly acclaimed project, A Sucker for Pumps.

After the show, the two rappers sat down with The Crew’s own Raj to enlighten their audience as to how they were brave enough to dedicate an album to love, where they want the project to take them, and of course to serve as alarm clocks to wake up everyone else who’s been comfortably snoozing on them.

Graphic By Talia

TSS: What would say inspired you guys to make A Sucker for Pumps?

TiRon: Really, we had done all these relationship songs like “Ms. Right” and “Sydney” and so many relationship-esque records that were kind of different anyways, so we thought “what if we did like a whole album on it?” Because there’s been a trend in Hip-Hop. There’s been a lot of bullshit like ‘I’ll buy you the moon and the stars and all this other stuff’ and then there was ‘fuck bitches, get money.’” Anger isn’t necessarily that cut and dry and love ain’t that cut and dry. Basically we wanted to make an album with all of that gray in between.

(Check out the rest of the interview here)

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Thursday, 12/15 -> The Solution Showcase #1 w/TiRon & Ayomari, Turner Jackson feat. DJ Dozen, The Girlgrabbers, DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme & more at the Meadowlark…

THURSDAY, 12/15 -> I’m super excited to announce the launch of The Solution Showcase, a new monthly party/show/event/whatever-you-wanna-call-it that we’re throwing at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St).  In the same way that me and Sounds Supreme started The Solution to be the kind of party we’d wanna go to, The Solution Showcase is gonna combine the vibe of The Solution with a live show element; showcasing an up and coming out of town act, a dope Denver artist and a Denver-based producer or production crew each month, plus assorted other goodness.

To get things started right, we’re bringing out critically acclaimed and super dope Los Angeles-based rappers TiRon and Ayomari, whose recently released album, A Sucker For Pumps (available to stream free here), is one of the best projects I’ve heard all year (up there with Section .80, Watch The Throne, Charity Starts At Home, To Live For, To Die For & such).  And I’m not alone, Dream Hampton, co-author of Jay-Z’s book Decoded called it a classic and her favorite album of the year, hugely popular blog the Smoking Section gave it 4 1/2 of 5 stars and the album has landed them on numerous bills in LA alongside Dr. Dre’s favorite new rapper, Kendrick Lamar.  You may have also gotten familiar with TiRon and Ayomari via T&A:The Prelude to ASFP (the mixtape I did for them earlier this year, download it here), Ketchup (my other mixtape collab with TiRon and 2Dopeboyz’s favorite mixtape of 2009, download it here), MSTRD, the PB & J Solution or collabs with the likes of Blu, Pac Div, Miguel, Asher Roth, Oddisee and so on.

TiRon and Ayomari will be joined by Denver’s own Turner Jackson, whose last album, My Heart Needs Space (available for free download here), is one of the best local projects I heard all year and showed ridiculous growth from the young MC.  His frequent collaborator and youngest DJ in charge, DJ Dozen, will hold him down on the turntables for the night.  The Girlgrabbers (aka Q-Knox, GypDaHip & Brik-A-Brak) will be showcasing their one of a kind musical magic as our featured producers for the night (check out some of their prolific catalogue here).  In classic Solution fashion, me & Sounds Supreme will round out the lineup as the night’s DJs, rocking all the best in hip hop and more.  We’ll be posting music and videos from everybody on the bill to get y’all familiar over the next month or so, so don’t worry if you’re not up on the whole lineup, just trust that the DJs you like aren’t gonna steer you wrong (a big part of this night is gonna be about discovering great new music and we think you’re gonna love it).  Also, we’ve got a few surprises to announce that’ll make the night even better, so stay tuned to @DenverSolution for those last few details and a chance to win free tickets.  21+ /// $5 Pre-sales available at Family Affair downtown after Thanksgiving /// $8 at the door. – DJ Low Key

P.S. The Meadowlark is a pretty small venue and this show could very well sell out, so don’t sleep!!!!!

P.P.S. This is just the start of a bunch of big Solution news…We’re about to make up for lost time in a major way, watch!!!

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Friday, November 18th, 2011 Events, Guests, The Solution Showcase, Updates Comments Off on Thursday, 12/15 -> The Solution Showcase #1 w/TiRon & Ayomari, Turner Jackson feat. DJ Dozen, The Girlgrabbers, DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme & more at the Meadowlark…

.: Download TiRon & Ayomari – T & A : The Prelude to ASFP (mixed by DJ Low Key):.

I dropped this mixtape earlier today with two of my favorite rappers out, LA’s TiRon and Ayomari over at djlowkey.com and thecafeterialine.com and figured you guys might wanna check it out.  The link is below, enjoy.  Also, we’ve got some exciting Solution events coming up for summer that we can’t wait to tell you about, so stay tuned. – DJ Low Key

.:T & A : The Prelude to ASFP (mixed by DJ Low Key) (tracked):.

.:T & A : The Prelude to ASFP (mixed by DJ Low Key) (untracked/podcast style version):.

1. What You Waiting On (Prod. By DK)
2. The Do (Prod. by J Dilla)
3. My Wingman & Me (Prod. By Phonix)
4. My So Called Twenties (Prod. by Cook Classics)
5. Just A Dreamer ft. Tunji (Prod. by Skin & Bones)
6. 3 Drink Minimum (Prod. by SA-RA Creative Partners)
7. Ms Right (Prod. by DOOM)
8. Sydney (Prod. by Cook Classics)
9. Get Ova Dat Pt. 2 (Prod. by Phonix)
10. No Wonder (Prod. by DJ Dahi)
11. Devils (Prod. by Diddy & Mario Winans)
12. Soon As (Prod. by Caribou)
13. The Luncheon (Prod. by Lord Quest)
14. Superwoman (Prod. By Jansport J)
15. Quitter ft. Tunji (Prod. by DJ Dahi)
16. Good Food (Prod. by Quaran Goodman)

TiRon & Ayomari – A Sucker For Pumps coming soon!!! Also, make sure you check out TiRon & DJ Low Key – Ketchup, TiRon’s MSTRD and Ayomari’s PB&J Solution.

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 Mixtapes, Updates Comments Off on .: Download TiRon & Ayomari – T & A : The Prelude to ASFP (mixed by DJ Low Key):.

Solution news coming soon…In the meantime, here’s what DJ Low Key & Lazy have been up to…

It’s been a minute since the last few Solution events (our annual Dilla tribute & our first CO tour), so we wanted to check in to let you know that me (DJ Low Key) & Lazy Eyez have been far from lazy with the party between venues.  Below is some info on recent and upcoming events that me & Lazy have been involved with, besides working on a proper long term home for the Solution. And oh yeah, now’s probably not a bad time to remind you to check out the DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez mixtape sections above either, please don’t be sleeping on those.  Last but not least, be on the lookout for some Ahead of the Class tour footage featuring Tanya Morgan to pop up soon, as well as info on our 5th Annual Chicken & Waffles/West Coast Party:

I’ve had a ridiculously busy last month or so, especially with the Solution being between venues.  It went Ahead of the Class Tour, Dilla tribute, RBMA events with the Foreign Exchange, a week in Austin for SXSW, the launch of Connected at Hai Bar, Thre3 Style Boulder & more Red Bull Music Academy work (plus, Thre3 Style Houston next week, it never stops!!!).  Here’s some more info on all that:

EVERY SUNDAY -> I’m excited to announce that you can catch Connected w/DJ Low Key every Sunday night from 8:30-11:30 at the Hai Bar (downstairs at Sushi Hai, 32nd & Lowell in the Highlands).   The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive all across the board; a bunch of regulars from my previous Sunday night unanimously said the venue was an upgrade, as was the sound quality, food & happy hour menu size.  Speaking of the happy hour, that was $2 nigiri, $4 rolls & $5 appetizers + $3 small sake, $5 large sake, $3 beers, $6 wines & more the whole time I’m DJing.  And in case you can’t tell from the picture above, I’ll be spinning the best in soul, R&B and other feel good music.  There’s no better way to wrap up your weekend, trust.  Last but not least, I’m working on a nice variety of special events for the night, so stay tuned to this site and twitter.com/djlowkey for more info on that too.  No cover /// 21+ /// SushiHai.com for more on the food/drinks/venue.

Speaking of Connected, that’s Foreign Exchange’s first albums title, and last month I opened for the Grammy-nominated band and helped organize their Denver debut at Summit Music Hall.  The audio from the show is now available on RBMARadio.com and I HIGHLY recommend you check the recording of their performance, it was an instant classic in my humble opinion and one of their best shows in the group’s own words:

.:The Foreign Exchange – On The Floor! – Live at Summit Music Hall, Denver – Pt 1:.

.:The Foreign Exchange – On The Floor! – Live at Summit Music Hall, Denver – Pt 2:.

SXSW was INSANE, I went down to Austin last month to DJ for Tanya Morgan, Che Grand & TiRon; as well as play house DJ for the Vibe.com/Cashmere Agency house. As usual the whole week was nuts, check out my extra thick SXSW recap at djlowkey.com.

I also opened for, judged at and helped organize for the Red Bull Thre3 Style in Boulder, while Lazy Eyez was hosted the event.  The bill featured a distinguished list of DJs from Colorado competing to see who could put together the best 15 minute party rockin set, including last year’s Thre3 Style Denver winner DJ Vajra (fka DJ Magmanimous), Solution family/co-founder Sounds Supreme, Amen, Petey, Bedz, Shake One, Ty Tek & Wushu (the first 5 names on that list have DJed at the Solution before, I hope you’re familiar).  Vajra ended up taking the title once again, moving on to the Thre3 Style Regionals in Dallas.  Boulder’s own DJ Petey took second with DJ Amen rounding out the top three.  With that said, every DJ had a great set and being one of the judges for the battle was tough.  DJ Craze closed out the night with robot like precision and almost 900 people went home ranting about how dope Colorado’s DJs are.

Lazy’s been super busy organizing the Denver DMCs, the legendary turntablist battle.  It’s basically a full time job in itself as he’s coordinating the main event, the DJ battle (set to feature such CO-based international heavyweights as DJ Vajra, Cysko Rokwel & the 4 other 2010 US DMC finalists from CO), as well a b-boy battle, MC battle (which I’ll be DJing, that’s about the extent of where I fit into the DMCs…LOL) and a whole lot more.  Check out Lazy’s post below for more info on the event.

From DJLazyEyez.com:  This year’s Colorado DMC DJ Battle is going to be the best one yet. DJ ROB SWIFT will be here showcasing and judging at the DMC!! In addition, there will also be an MC Battle, 2 on 2 BBoy Battle, performances from Manerok & Deejay Tense, Boombox Saints, and more.

For more info keep checking back on this site. Stay Tuned!! Saturday April 30th at Casselmans.

follow us on our facebook event page

For info on the MC / Bboy Bgirl Battles check the facebook link here



Also, catch Lazy Eyez spinning alongside DJs Chonz and Stretch at the 1st Annual La Casa Del Fonk Easter Egg Hunt, a great event by OG Denver b-boys to give the kids a nice introduction to hip hop and celebrate the elements.  Last but not least, hit up DJLazyEyez.com for more pics from Lazy’s adventures over the last month, including DJing at the Denver Mayoral Debate (check the pic below), the Boombox Saint Denver Release Party at Tooey’s & more.

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Thursday, April 14th, 2011 Events, Updates Comments Off on Solution news coming soon…In the meantime, here’s what DJ Low Key & Lazy have been up to…

The Ahead of the Class CO Tour w/Tanya Morgan, TiRon, Whygee, King F.O.E., DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & special guests…

The Solution, Akomplice & Snowboard Mag present the Ahead of the Class CO Tour w/Tanya Morgan, TiRon, Whygee, King F.O.E., DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & special guests…

Wednesday, 3/9 -> Cecilia’s in Breckenridge (520 S. Main Street) – Doors at 9 /// $10 for 21+

Thursday, 3/10 -> Black Sheep in Colorado Springs (2106 E. Platte Ave) – Doors at 8 /// $10 for 21/$12 for all ages /// Plus special guests The Boombox Saints for their official album release party and the debut performance of Play Cousin (Boonie Mayfield & Jordan Craft). Buy tickets now.

Saturday, 3/12 -> The Marquis in Denver (2009 Larimer St) – Doors at 9 /// $10 for 21/$12 for all ages /// Plus an Akomplice Fashion Show and the Denver debut of Play Cousin (Boonie Mayfield & Jordan Craft). Buy tickets now /// Tickets also available at Family Affair (21st & Larimer downtown) or from DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez or Whygee with no ticket fees.

Tuesday, 3/15 -> Round Midnight in Boulder (1005 Pearl Street) – Doors at 9 /// $5 before 11, $10 after for 21+ /// Plus an Akomplice Fashion Show and special guest, world renowned turntablist DJ Vajra.

.:Download The Ahead of the Class Tour Sampler (right click on a PC):.

Stay tuned for more videos and free MP3s as we get closer to the tour and make sure to cop your pre-sale tickets, some shows will sell out!!!  Also, you can follow everyone from the tour on twitter by checking out this list.   Last but not least, here’s some words, video & music to help get you familiar with the tour’s lineup:

“Quietly and stealthily, they’ve evolved into one of the finest groups of their generation” – The L.A. Times on Tanya Morgan

YouTube Preview Image

“TiRon isn’t your average rapper, he’s something more” – XXL Magazine on TiRon

YouTube Preview Image

“With all due respect to Talib and Hi-Tek, I’m actually more inclined to revisit team Tanya’s likeably loose, bordering-on-sloppy inaugural effort than said ballyhooed backpack-crowd classic.” – Chairman Mao of XXL Chairman’s Choice & Ego Trip

YouTube Preview Image

“Los Angeles’ Best Rapper” – The L.A. Times on TiRon

YouTube Preview Image

“Tanya Morgan are like the sons of De La Soul– soulful, stressed, effortlessly smart flows, intricate production, the whole package.” – SPIN Music Editor Charles Aaron on Tanya Morgan

YouTube Preview Image

“My personal favorite” mixtape of 2009 – Shake of 2Dopeboyz.com on TiRon & DJ Low Key’s Ketchup

YouTube Preview Image

“”Tanya Morgan is bolder and braver than forbearers like Black Star and Slum Village…an expansive tour de force” – Vibe.com on Tanya Morgan

YouTube Preview Image

“Best emcee-based mixtape of 2009” – PopularLemonade.com on TiRon & DJ Low Key’s Ketchup

YouTube Preview Image

“The trio’s savory Bridge EP demonstrates why Tanya Morgan has been a critical favorite for the last several years. Their deliveries are effortless, their beats run the gamut from smooth to boom-bappy, and their music has an inspiring vibe.” – The Source

YouTube Preview Image

Free MP3 Downloads (Round 1):

.:Tanya Morgan presents Donwill & Von Pea – The Sandwich Shop:.

.:TiRon – MSTRD:.

.:Whygee & Sounds Supreme – Hype Killz Volume 1:.

Free MP3 Downloads (Round 2):

.:DJ Soul presents Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group:.

.:TiRon – Ketchup (mixed by DJ Low Key):.

.:King F.O.E. – Fuck F.O.E. + Bonus: It Sucks To be You:.

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