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Meet Waajeed, one of our special guests for The Solution’s 6th Annual J Dilla Celebration on Wednesday, 2/22…Shouts to Red Bull Music Academy & Bling 47…

The Solution’s 6th annual celebration of the life and music of Jay Dee aka J Dilla is only a couple of days away (Wednesday, 2/22) and we can’t wait.  We’ve teamed up with the infamous Red Bull Music Academy and Beta Nightclub (1909 Blake St) to bring out some ridiculous artists and we wanna make sure you’re familiar.  On that note, meet Waajeed; Detroit legend, frequent Dilla collaborator, producer (and ghost producer) extraordinaire in his own right, half of PPP and the man who named Slum Village.

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Waajeed got his start DJing (he was Slum Village’s early DJ) and made his way into production after fixing an MPC of J Dilla’s that had been broken by Questlove.  Dilla told him he could have the MPC if he could fix it, Waajeed made it happen and the rest is history.  Since then Waajeed’s made quite a name for himself in the production world; releasing two critically acclaimed Platinum Pied Pipers/PPP albums, producing tracks for artists like Slum Village, Jazmine Sullivan & Sa-Ra Creative Partners,  as well as remixing the likes of Radiohead, Roy Ayers and Marvin Gaye (check out his AMAZING “I Want You” remix below) and getting heavy into ghost production (check the video below) while traveling the world DJing.  Check out the homie DJ Mensa’s The Best Of Waajeed & Platinum Army (circa 2006) for a great introduction to Waajeed & PPP’s music.

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Waajeed’s also the founder of Bling 47, a label/website that has released projects from Jay Dee, Tiombe Lockhart & more; as well as being a great resource on Dilla and Detroit.  Check out the previously unreleased original version of J Dilla’s “Crushin’” (from the Ruff Draft EP) that Waajeed just posted on below and check the site for more exclusive goodness.

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Catch Waajeed rocking with NY’s DJ Spinna, Phat Kat (performing with members of Big Wheel) and The Solution DJs (DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme & Lazy Eyez) for our 6th Annual J Dilla Celebration on Wednesday, 2/22 at Beta.

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Some super dope, previously unseen footage of J Dilla & Slum Village at soundcheck…Speaking of Dilla, our 5th annual Dilla tribute is right around the corner…

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This footage is awesome, right?  Speaking of the magic of Dilla, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be posting up the date and details about our 5th annual J Dilla tribute soon…In the meantime, check out this video clip from last year’s J Dilla tribute at the Solution, featuring Slum Village with DJ Low Key on the tables for performance…

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Boonie Mayfield & Che Grand…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from two-time Denver Big Tune Champ and producer extraordinaire Boonie Mayfield and Brookyn-based MC, the Lessondary’s own Che Grand (of Fixtape, EGU & Fixtape Two fame); stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1. Boonie Mayfield Fundraiser/Producer Showcase (aka Boonie’s Solution): I am so grateful for The Solution putting this together for me after I was going through such a tough time with my studio getting robbed. There IS support in the Colorado music scene, no matter what some people may think. The showcase was a BLAST!!! It was just nonstop heat coming out of those speakers from the likes of Xperiment, Kid Hum, Fat Trak, Es Nine, etc. And I was really happy that my boy Stro from The Procussions came through as well… I’ve always looked up to that cat. Tons of my closest friends came to support… it was fun to see everybody having fun. Not to mention, the drinks were nicely priced!!! I got pretty damn tipsy (lol). (The above pic is Boonie Mayfield & Xperiment at Boonie’s Solution)

2. I met a GORGEOUS and intelligent woman one night through a mutual friend who surprised me with her great taste in music. I got her number but didn’t wanna come off like I was hittin’ on her. For a while, The Solution nights were the only times I’d see her…and I always looked forward to it (lol). She didn’t exactly know that though, because I showed a lot of mixed signals and wasn’t too sure if I should express my interest. Who doesn’t hate potential rejection? Anyways… her and I became really close… and in a lot of ways she changed my life. That night, I did not expect to meet someone I’d fall in love with. Oh yeah… and I got pretty damn tipsy that night too!

3. (TIE) J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village and The West Coast nights: The SV show is self-explanatory! Once “The Look of Love” came on… I think I almost elbowed my date in the eye-socket from the excitement. On another note, I just enjoy hearing Low Key spin… ’cause he’s always playing tracks that I WISH I’d hear at every club. He’s like a human Pandora. So, if you know me well… you know I LOVE ME SOME G-FUNK!!!! That West Coast night was just DOPE! It made me wanna crease up some khaki’s and c-walk on your grandma’s carpet…. with dog-shit on my shoes… Yes, it was THAT gangsta! Don’t ever play “Doggy, Dogg World” and expect me to sit still. By the way…. did I mention I was pretty damn tipsy that night as well?

Che Grand’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

Every year has been great!  I can’t thank you enough for you having us come out, giving us exposure to the folks of Denver. The hospitality n red bull I appreciate it all man!  The years have kind of become a blur now, but off top here are my top 3 Solution moment (this excludes other moments that have happened during our BDAY weekend celebrations that can’t be put on the list since we’re talking strictly solution nights lol).

1. 1st Annual DJ Low Key, Donwill & Che Grand Birthday Extravaganza at the Solution at the Shelter: The awesome customized birthday cake the first year I came thru, that was bangin!

2. 2nd Annual DJ Low Key, Donwill & Che Grand Birthday Extravaganza at the Solution at the Funky Buddha: Rockin a crowd with my first ever live DJ set at the Solution! (That was the year Von [Pea] and Don’s flight was delayed. I think I may have rocked again that weekend at the sushi spot too!)

3. Red Bull Music Academy On The Floor with Exile & DJ Day at the Solution at the Funky Buddha: Rapping with Exile and DJ Day live on the MPC!

*Honorable mention to my dude Charley and “the stripper darts intermission” lol oh and I can’t forget my fave bartender Jessica *swooon*  Can’t wait for June.

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from writer Ru Johnson & Ill Seven of Isolated Generation…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from writer Ru Johnson and Ill Seven of Isolated Generation; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Ru Johnson’s top 3 Solution moments:

1.  One of my first times at The Solution (at the Buddha) one of the deejays played “Cher Chez La Ghost” and there were literally 20 of us singing and rapping at the top of our lungs. And, I’m pretty sure was a dance-off between Little Wing and some random guy in a vest. We banged on walls and the stage and danced like there was no tomorrow.

2.  Pretty recently at the 3014 location, Low Key effectively slayed our hip-hop souls with the addition of some Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” into the playlist. Looking over at several cats from the scene completely jammin out, I realized The Solution is the ONLY Friday night party that speaks to the hip-hop purist in me.

3.  It was a freezing Friday eve when the guys were still rocking at Funky Buddha. I was rolling deep with the homegirls and we decided to “last call” it at The Solution. Sounds Supreme dropped “Soldier of Love” (this was right when the song came out) and the vibe was so perfect, I could have been at a basement party in Brooklyn.

Ill Seven’s top 3 Solution moments:

1.  The Solution’s Annual Chicken & Waffles Parties: First would have to be the way they held it down with the west coast “Chicken and Waffles” tribute parties!  I’m from the west coast and I’ve never seen anyone ’til them do anything with Chicken and Waffles out here in Denver…and on top of that, hold it down with such a strong west coast vibe, got to love the ideas these guys come up with.

2.  The 2010 (4th Annual) Solution J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village at Bar Standard: Seeing SV Live! I’m a big fan of Dilla and SV; Low Key and Sounds Supreme held Dilla down in such a dope way…I think Dilla would of been honored.

3.  Tanya Morgan & Che Grand at the Solution on the Shelter’s Rooftop:  Last but not least, was the Tanya Morgan show, the first time I saw those cats was at The Solution, and I became a fan. I was hearing a lot of dope things from Low Key about those guys, and knowing the type of music that they play at The Solution I trusted that they would be dope live, and without a question they killed it.

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Brittney the Square and DJ Dozen…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  First up, we have R&B/soul music guru Brittney the Square and the youngest DJ in charge aka DJ Dozen sharing their top 3 Solution moments; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Brittney The Square’s Top 3 Solution Moments:
1. The 2010 (4th Annual) Solution J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village at Bar Standard:  SV is the first hip hop group that really got me listening to hip hop back in 2002.  So, to meet them and see them perform at The Solution was amazing.  Although I spent most of the night in the back corner away from the party soliciting donations for the J Dilla Foundation, the night still managed to make my top 3 list for a few reasons:  1. meeting SV and seeing them perform some of my favorite tracks 2. eating all the damn donuts (powdered and chocolate were the preference) 3. hearing tracks that I had no idea Dilla produced and buggin’ out about it and of course, 4. supporting a good cause.

2.  Meeting my boyfriend at the Solution at the Funky Buddha:  It was either my first or second night ever at The Solution and I was helping out with usual stuff when Low Key introduced me to, who would later be, my future boyfriend.  When we met, we immediately got on the subject of, of course, music and our music preferences.  We talked about not only hip hop, but soul/r&b, which is my favorite.  I was impressed that he knew all of my favorite artists and I think he was impressed that I was so into and passionate about the same music as he was.  It took me awhile to really come around, but eventually I did.  Hate to admit it, but you can find love at the “club”.

3.  My third favorite Solution moment doesn’t have a name.  It’s just those random nights dancing and vibing to good ass music with your favorite people.  That’s what it’s all about, right?

DJ Dozen’s (yes, that’s him rocking the Thugnificent look for Halloween) Top 3 Solution Moments:
1.  The first annual Solution J Dilla tribute at Milk:  I hit up the party with Dealz, Mike Lee, and Gully Gabby; it was my first time seeing midwest music embraced in CO. At the ripe age of 18, I stepped out to see what this good music was all about. I still remember sittin wit Dealz and every so often yelling “Dilla Made This Too?!?” It was def a good experience.

2.  Exile, DJ Day, Tanya Morgan and Che Grand at the Solution at the Funky Buddha:  After a long day setting up and facilitating there is nothing better that to get an unexpected crazy live show.  Coming in, I knew that DJ Day and Exile were set to perform but at no point was I ready for the Micheal Jackson Tribute or for Donwill, Von Pea and Che Grand to rip freestyles over their beats mid party!!! Crazy night but super fun!

3.  Solution moments come in a blur for some of us who attend on a regular basis, not at all because they are the same, it’s more like having extra fun. Like I go out normally but the atmosphere aint like this; in the club jammin all night, with ya hands in the air, not worrying about any problems.  Of course there’s drinks too, but just an overall good feeling vibe going through everybody in the building.

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Flashback 3/05/10: Slum Village at the Solution video part 1 + DJ Low Key at DAF4 in NYC

Back on 3/5/10, we had the pleasure of having rap legends Slum Village join us at the Solution for our 4th annual J Dilla tribute and first night at our new home, Bar Standard.  The night was our biggest Dilla tribute to date, T3 and Elzhi rocked an incredible crowd and a great time was had by all.  Check out the footage below, filmed and edited by Ralphie from Elevation Sickness, for a taste of how the night went (thanks again homie!).

BONUS: Check out Hot Mop’s video below from Donuts Are Forever 4 in NYC back in February, featuring DJ Low Key, Questlove, Brainchild, DJ Parler, DJ Tara, Ma Dukes (also wearing the Sound College Dilla tee, CO reppin double) and a whole lot more at New York’s (and maybe the entire world’s) largest and best J Dilla tribute.

Last but not least, stay tuned for more video from Slum Village’s trip to the Solution & our 4th annual J Dilla Tribute coming soon, courtesy of the homie Moose.

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Friday, 3/5 -> The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Sounds Supreme moves to Bar Standard…First up, our annual J Dilla tribute with special guests Slum Village!!!

FRIDAY, 3/5 -> It’s our pleasure to announce the first Friday at the Solution’s new home, Bar Standard (1037 Broadway).  To celebrate our move to a nicer, newer venue, we’re starting things out at Bar Standard with our 4th annual J Dilla tribute and bringing out Detroit rap legends Slum Village to perform!!!   That’s all Dilla, all night, plus SV!!! Plus, we’ll be giving away free DJ Low Key & Sounds Supreme – The Solution Tape #1 (hosted by U-N-I & Ro Blvd) CDs to the first 100 people, we’ve got complimentary donuts and a charity raffle for the J Dilla Foundation with prizes from Akomplice, Frank151/Denver Diggers, Stones Throw Records, Hapa Sushi, The Gro Project, Sound College & more.  There will also be Sound College J Dilla tees available for sale with proceeds going to the J Dilla Foundation, check out Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey wearing one at DAF #4 last month here and come out to get down for a good cause.  21+ / Music at 9 / Discounted pre-sale tickets available here.

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