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BK Beats talks about his Solution Beat Battle & Solution Showcase experiences…

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Solution Beat Battle winner BK Beats wrote a little something about his experiences at The Solution Beat Battle and Solution Showcase (he played at #5 as part of his prize).  With The Solution Showcase #11 right around the corner, now seemed like a great time to share his experiences with everybody:

Off top, MAD love to all the folks in Denver who’ve helped make it happen for me, showed my music love, or just downright know good music and how to nurture it. Shout out to DJ Low Key for rocking with me from the start! He’s really about this music, living and breathing it, with an ear to the street at all times.

My experiences in Denver started off with the February Solution Beat Battle, Courtland Urbano and Boonie Mayfield showcase, as well as dope ass Tanya Morgan set. @Imtrumaine, a friend and fellow producer out of Chicago hit me up to let me know that Boonie Mayfield had been tweeting about the show and that I should enter. I was a bit frustrated with the music climate in Albuquerque NM or the lack thereof in my eyes so I sent in a few beats the day of the deadline as well as a little write up including some names of who I’ve produced for and such. Didn’t hear back for a week or so and started to sweat it, until Low Key hit me up and let me know I had made it into the Battle. I got a few friends together for the trip and went for it!

What was illest was that Low Key knew of most of the cats I’d produced for! Just to show his good taste and network he was more than familiar with Moe Green a bay cat, featuring a track from him on his and Sounds Supreme’s The Solution Tape #1. Add 2 was another dude Low Key was up on, great talent out of Chicago and featured performer for tonight’s party!!

The Battle was CRAZY! Everybody showed each other love, which was greatly appreciated with me being from out of town and all that, it was a lot of comradery, love for music, and overall TALENT. Met a lot of really dope folks at the battle, most of those I keep in touch with on the semi-regular. That weekend was amazing, I turned 21 the day before this show, and thus was allowed in, and all the good people definitely gave me the inspiration and encouragement to keep pushing my music… Shout out to my backup dancers as well! Winning was unreal, I’d never won ANYTHING before! I was in some serious shock when the judges made that announcement. But shouts out to Big J, Cliff Cage, Jordan, Dealz and all the other beasts I went up against. Shouts out to Boonie for the kind words, Courtland for the encouragement, and Tanya Morgan for fucking with me. That was an insane night. Left town around 2am and went straight to work off no sleep haha, waaay too excited from the show to even let that trip me out though.

As part of winning, I got to come back to do some recording at Side 3 Studios with the homie Chase and my friend Pablo who is an incredible piano and guitar player. I picked up a ton of dope/free gear from Family Affair, and ultimately got to spin a live beat set at one of the next Solution shows. Side 3 Studios was a sick experience, amazing studio and amazing folks. Really understood my vision and made the work reflect that. Chase is a really talented cat, I need to really get my $ up and go put in some more work over there! Regardless, this is where the idea for my instrumental EP with Pablo ‘Time is of the Essence” really came from. I decided to use my time at Side 3 to just record live instrumentation for this EP rather than any vocals or anything like that, and all the music came out INSANE! Pabz and Chase killed it! I can’t wait to release this stuff, it’s looking like before August, and will feature some really dope bonus cuts with a couple MC’s! Family Affair was really awesome as well! They had a lot of real clean gear from the illest in street wear brands. They’re ultimately a really well run shop! Plus they showed my music and me a lot of love just based off of the beat battle, so much love to the homies there! Had me feeling like a star, I could really get used to getting free gear haha.

But overall the sickest part about winning and coming back to Denver was The Showcase. That was my first real show ever, so I was super blessed. I got to open for some real talents like Whygee, Brik-A-Brak, and Median of JAMLA and Justus-Fuckin-League!! I put together a playlist, and Low Key showed me how to use Serato during sound check, and I basically tried to outweigh my nervousness with the amount of brand new material I had on deck. I played about 20 minutes of new stuff, some collabs, remixes and exclusives. Seemed like people enjoyed it, so that’s all I can ask for…Plus, the Meadowlark was a groovy venue! I was even blessed enough to coincidentally have my Mom in Denver for work that weekend, so she made it out! Shouts out to the girl who bought Moms and I vodka shots hahaha! Also shouts out to everyone who came out, showed me love that night, and everyone I opened for, all great folks! Might have some work coming with a few of the names mentioned above.

All my experiences in Denver and with The Solution have really been blessings, I credit you all with the drive I’ve had these past couple months, and the overall decision to keep going full steam ahead with music! Denver has so much love for my music. It’s truly still all pretty unreal! I’m super thankful for all of the big homies that helped me get my foot in the door! And hope to work a lot with this really awesome circle of folks a lot more in the future! Another example of great folks, and great music brought to you by The Solution!  Hope to make it up to the city again soon. – BK Beats

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Sounds Supreme & C1 of Food Chain…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution tonight, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from the party’s co-founder, DJ Sounds Supreme, and C1 of Food Chain, one of Denver’s best hip hop acts; the party starts at 9 tonight, don’t miss it!!!

Sounds Supreme’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

In almost 4 years of throwing a weekly party memories and events tend to stack up.  With over 200 successful nights, The Solution has had its fair share of ups, downs, random dance contests, bad requests, shots, shots, beers, shots, and without a doubt, one hell of a loyal following.  To sort out my “favorite” Solution moments is like asking me what M.O.P song I want at my funeral…there’s to many.  So here are just a few that stick out when I look back.

1. The Akomplice Season Six Release Party at the Solution at the Shelter: My first is a super random night that some might have considered a bust.  Not me.  The Akomplice season 6 release party with Tonedeff and the almighty CopyWrite on top of Bar Standards roof top.  Oh man.  Skipping ahead to the exciting part of the story, after I rocked a warm up set and a few local acts performed it was CopyWrite’s shot at mile high history.  Stumbling on stage blown out of his mind off booze and a handful of pills a roommate of mine had given him, (I will leave the roomies name and pill type out of this story), CopyWrite attempted his set.  No more than 2 minutes in, he was forgetting his raps and talking shit to girls in the crowd.  The tension on the roof was growing.  The crowd was heckling him and he was mouthing off twice as bad to them.  It got so bad that after he fell twice on to the dj monitor I had the honor of removing his microphone from his grips and asking him to step off stage.  Surprisingly he abided and went on his way.  I remember thinking to myself, “that went well, it could have been way worse, glad its over”.  Nope.  Less than an hour later I hear screaming and shouting that Copy had snatched a box of Akomplice gear, several women’s purses and was running down the street with his pants around his ankles!  With further inspection the shreaks of insanity proved to be true.  I later heard that he got beat up in the parking lot.  How crazy is that!?  Oh well, I still like “Tower of Babble”.

2. My second favorite memory has to be the first annual Chicken & Waffles night:  I remember Low Key cooking tons of waffles in his apartment.  I went to the Hornet, a local restaurant and requested the biggest to-go order of chicken they had ever seen.  As I waited patiently, enjoying multiple shots and beers, I remember thinking; “this is awesome, how fun is this night going to be”.  However, when I arrived at the bar to setup I encountered a sweaty, exhausted DJ Low Key, who at the time wasn’t happy about preparing 70 waffles in a small oven.  I will never forget it was the first time Low and I had yelled at each other too! More problems arose with plating, how to keep the food warm, where was the butter and syrup, etc.  It’s not everyday they serve food in the club.  We ended up getting it all handled and the night went to plan.  Both Low and myself had awesome west coast sets, Klotz brought some strippers to have dinner, and by the end of the night the stress had been lifted and we honestly through a solid party, good night!

3. The last but definitely not least has to be the first night of The Solution:   This was one of those nights that you look back on and not only remember it; you remember an exact feeling you had at a specific moment.  Mine occurred just after we got set up and started playing.  I didn’t know Low Key that well and had never seen a large portion of the crowd that was there.  I was nervous and new to Serato.  This did not help that I had maybe 100 mp3s on my laptop and no idea what to play after Jaylib “Champion Sound” that Low Key had people singing and dancing to.   Needless to say my set came up short that night.  But I digress, that is not the point of this memory.  The great thing about this night was the collective vibe.  It created a feeling that I remember so clear, and only can be described as, “This is the shit”.  I was at one point so taken back by how well everyone in the place was enjoying themselves I had completely forgotten about my piss poor dj set.  It was the night that eliminated all doubt I had about playing “good” hip hop at a club and it being successful.  My previous attempt with Good Fridays wasn’t a fail, but as Styles refers to it “ahead of its time”.  Not to come off as to sentimental, but this was the night that I bought into the product of The Solution.  I’m glad I did.

C1 of Food Chain’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1.  The Foodchain “Corpses” Listening Party at the Solution:  I saw a friend I went to high school with from Milwaukee (random) and she asked have I ever heard of the Foodchain? I told her I was in the Foodchain and she told me that she had heard one of our songs on the radio in Milwaukee…Pretty cool.

2.  The Song “My Coat” Off The FoodChain EP. Part of it (the second verse) took place at the Solution, during a date I had. (Download Foodchain “My Coat” here).

3.  The most memorable moments at the Solution were walking in and getting mad love from DJ Low Key & DJ Sounds Supreme. Low Key was the 1st to play Foodchain music in the club, to my knowledge and it was at the Solution…Big up DJ Low Key.

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Jessica “the Solution Bartender” & Whygee…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution tonight, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from Jessica, the official Solution bartender, and one of the Colorado’s top MCs, Whygee; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party tonight, it starts at 9.

Jessica “The 3rd member of the Solution” Simmons Top 3 Solution Moments:
Every night with the solution was filled with memorable moments.  These are a few thing that made The Solution sooooo special to me!
1.  When the Solution was at Shelter and we would all meet up for breakfast at the eggshell downtown afterwork.    Every Friday an amazing group of dj’s, visiting artist, bar staff, and friends  would enjoy good food and good company while talking about the amazing night we had.  That was when I fell in love with The Solution.
2. Low Key and Sounds Supreme!  My boys!  I love them soooo much. We have been through so much over the years. Good times and bad times (I blame the bad times on lame bar managers!)  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with those two studs for so many years.  They’re all grown up now with girlfriends and fiances. WTF? I swore I would have been the first to get engaged (just kidding!)  I loved how you guys would always order the “Jess Special.”  You both are on a path to do wonderful and amazing things in the future, so watch out world!  See you at the 4 year anniversary!
3. All of the amazing people I have met while working at the Solution.  I swear every week I made at least one new friend (and no they weren’t all guys!).  The Solution brings out a different breed of people, who are all about good music, good art, good times and good vibes.  I would like to thank some of the weekly regulars that have become, or already were  friends of mine.   Luke, Nicole, Barbara, Anjelica, Mane, Tense, Vel, Dominic, Brandon, Rachel, Lazy Eyez, Buhrm, Chonz, Desiree, Amen, Nicole, Sara, Reece, Eli, Dozen, Havok, Jesus, Lance, JC, Jermall, Q, Shalisa,  Shilo and the other hundred  people that i am forgetting to mention I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  -PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I DIDN’T INCLUDE YOUR NAME. I SWEAR IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL…I LOVE YOU TOO
Whygee’s Top 3 Solution Moments:
1. Camp Lo walking in Hype Kills Vol.1 Release Party at the Solution at the Funky Buddha: Sunkenstate was there, the illacide was there and it was a celebration for my first solo release. Hype Killz is sort of the the foundation of my success.
2.  IT’S A TIE!! Tanya Morgan, DJ Day and Exile Live at the Solution at the Funky Buddha It was packed, everybody was there, I think it was around the same time as red bull big tune. Like I said before 2 is tie though because seeing Blu live at the Solution right before he blew the fuck up was AWESOME!
3.  Anytime there’s chicken & waffles. I don’t know how many times they’ve done chicken and waffles but I’ve been there for them more than once.
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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Boonie Mayfield & Che Grand…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from two-time Denver Big Tune Champ and producer extraordinaire Boonie Mayfield and Brookyn-based MC, the Lessondary’s own Che Grand (of Fixtape, EGU & Fixtape Two fame); stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1. Boonie Mayfield Fundraiser/Producer Showcase (aka Boonie’s Solution): I am so grateful for The Solution putting this together for me after I was going through such a tough time with my studio getting robbed. There IS support in the Colorado music scene, no matter what some people may think. The showcase was a BLAST!!! It was just nonstop heat coming out of those speakers from the likes of Xperiment, Kid Hum, Fat Trak, Es Nine, etc. And I was really happy that my boy Stro from The Procussions came through as well… I’ve always looked up to that cat. Tons of my closest friends came to support… it was fun to see everybody having fun. Not to mention, the drinks were nicely priced!!! I got pretty damn tipsy (lol). (The above pic is Boonie Mayfield & Xperiment at Boonie’s Solution)

2. I met a GORGEOUS and intelligent woman one night through a mutual friend who surprised me with her great taste in music. I got her number but didn’t wanna come off like I was hittin’ on her. For a while, The Solution nights were the only times I’d see her…and I always looked forward to it (lol). She didn’t exactly know that though, because I showed a lot of mixed signals and wasn’t too sure if I should express my interest. Who doesn’t hate potential rejection? Anyways… her and I became really close… and in a lot of ways she changed my life. That night, I did not expect to meet someone I’d fall in love with. Oh yeah… and I got pretty damn tipsy that night too!

3. (TIE) J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village and The West Coast nights: The SV show is self-explanatory! Once “The Look of Love” came on… I think I almost elbowed my date in the eye-socket from the excitement. On another note, I just enjoy hearing Low Key spin… ’cause he’s always playing tracks that I WISH I’d hear at every club. He’s like a human Pandora. So, if you know me well… you know I LOVE ME SOME G-FUNK!!!! That West Coast night was just DOPE! It made me wanna crease up some khaki’s and c-walk on your grandma’s carpet…. with dog-shit on my shoes… Yes, it was THAT gangsta! Don’t ever play “Doggy, Dogg World” and expect me to sit still. By the way…. did I mention I was pretty damn tipsy that night as well?

Che Grand’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

Every year has been great!  I can’t thank you enough for you having us come out, giving us exposure to the folks of Denver. The hospitality n red bull I appreciate it all man!  The years have kind of become a blur now, but off top here are my top 3 Solution moment (this excludes other moments that have happened during our BDAY weekend celebrations that can’t be put on the list since we’re talking strictly solution nights lol).

1. 1st Annual DJ Low Key, Donwill & Che Grand Birthday Extravaganza at the Solution at the Shelter: The awesome customized birthday cake the first year I came thru, that was bangin!

2. 2nd Annual DJ Low Key, Donwill & Che Grand Birthday Extravaganza at the Solution at the Funky Buddha: Rockin a crowd with my first ever live DJ set at the Solution! (That was the year Von [Pea] and Don’s flight was delayed. I think I may have rocked again that weekend at the sushi spot too!)

3. Red Bull Music Academy On The Floor with Exile & DJ Day at the Solution at the Funky Buddha: Rapping with Exile and DJ Day live on the MPC!


*Honorable mention to my dude Charley and “the stripper darts intermission” lol oh and I can’t forget my fave bartender Jessica *swooon*  Can’t wait for June.

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from DJ Big Styles fka Styles & Fashion and Dunn the Signtologist…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from Denver hip hop legend Big Styles fka Styles N’ Fashion and nationally renowned, Denver-based artist Dunn the Signtologist; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Styles & Fashion’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1. DJ Low Key channels Charlie Murphy at his birthday party at the Solution at the Shelter: We all know DJ Low Key, but do we really know Low Key? I know him as a Southern gentleman, discriminating tastemaker and heterosexual male Subaru loyalist (a first!). So imagine my shock and awe when at his birthday party back in ‘07 at the OG solution when he broke character and “rocked the mic.” After performances by Che Grand and Tanya Morgan (which I largely missed, you will see why in solution memory #3) suddenly over the loudspeakers we all hear: “Aight you bitches! this is the last motherfucking song of the night! shout out to all the people who bought me drinks tonight! I’m fucked up! Bitches! Where is the afterparty? Shout out to motherfucking Che Grand up in this bitch!” I thought sure it was Charlie Murphy, but nope, it was Justin Green, aka DJ Low Key stumbling over his words and his feet at the end of the night.

2. The GOOD Fridays reunion at the Solution at 3014: It was just a couple of months ago, but already it’s one of my favorite Solution moments. After a lil’ bit of hype (internet buzz I think is what the young folks call it) I hustled on over to 3014 Colfax to be embraced in what I thought was sure to be some revisionist history. Who are rap fans if not complete revisionists? The original GOOD Fridays was ahead of its’ time, back when people thought Kanye sucked, rap music had sold out, and no one supported “real hip hop”. Thank God those days are gone! “Rap fans are always jumping at the chance to claim the past. This is going to be big” I thought to myself as I strutted with pride toward the Solution and swung open the door to find: a half empty bar, a few die hard fans and a solemn DJ Low Key. “Cheer Up homeboy!,” I yelled at Low Key over Sounds Supreme surprisingly NOT playing “Lady Don’t Tek No” by Latryx (I almost didn’t recognize him.) “This is just like a real GOOD Friday, everybody swears they’re coming, no one actually does.” I felt bad for ruining the Solution for a night, but it felt good to reconnect with the folks that did come out. DJ Massv, one of the OG GOOD Fridays crew got his car towed before he could even make the venue, so he didn’t attend. Gotta love this rap shit.

3. Jessica aka “The Bartender” – I know what you’re thinking: Styles, do we need to blow this chick’s head up anymore? Yes, yes we do. Aside from DJs, “The Bartender” has been the only mainstay for me at the Solution. You never forget your first time, and my first time was back in ‘07 at Low Key’s birthday party. What’s crazy for me is how directly this night mimicked the lyrics to T-Pain’s hit from the same year, ironically titled- wait for it: “Bartender.” (I know right! T-Pain is a GENIUS!) Follow the eerie parallels: 1) I had just broke up with my girl, and had gone to the club. 2) I was just looking for someone to talk to and show me some love. 3)Everybody was jocking me as soon as I stepped in the spot. 3) We can all agree that Jessica is a prettly lil’ thing, and the bar at that time was up at the top. 4)When I ordered my beer she indeed showed me some love (well she had to, the manager at Bar Standard recognized me and comped my beer! ) 4) She gave me drinks to drink 5) I drunk em. 6)I could have sworn that I thought she she thought I was cool. 7) I gave her a wink 8)she winked back…..and that’s where the similarity ends. Yup, I ignored the live performances and instead hit on “the bartender.’ Of course I thought I was brand new, in reailty I quickly became another statistic on the “Dudes at the Solution who have hit on me” chart that I imagine the nerdier version of Jessica has on her laptop. But for a few minutes many moons ago, life absolutely imitated art. God Bless T-Pain, and God Bless the Solution.

Dunn the Signtologist’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1. The first time I was able to hang my art in conjunction with the Solution at the Funky Buddha: It was a crazy place to hang work wiring signs to posts and pipes around the covered rooftop venue. It turned out to be an amazing event it was one of the first hip hop themed nights in Denver I had been able to display my artwork. I remember the great experience of watching everyone dancing, drinking, networking and interacting with my artwork.

2. The Akomplice Season Six Release Party at the Solution at the Shelter:  A fashion show put on by Akomplice & an art show put on by The Signtologist was set up on the roof top of along with a stage for some special guests Akomplice brought along. It was one of the first events I had done with Akomplice and was the perfect meshing of street wear with street art presented to The Solution’s fan base. This was first of many shows Akomplice & The Signtologist did with The Solution over the years.

3. The Solution Returns at 3014:  My first time walking into The Solution and it’s newest home at 3014 on Colfax. The Solution has lived a lot of places around Denver over the years and done so many huge events! But for a minute it went missing in action and was homeless and there wasn’t a place in Denver to go on Fridays for guaranteed great hip hop. I was so happy to walk into 3014 and see nothing had changed just the venue. It’s always been about great music, people dancing, seeing the same family always in attendance and feeling once again that familiar community vibe. Thanks for all the memories fellas!

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from writer Ru Johnson & Ill Seven of Isolated Generation…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from writer Ru Johnson and Ill Seven of Isolated Generation; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Ru Johnson’s top 3 Solution moments:

1.  One of my first times at The Solution (at the Buddha) one of the deejays played “Cher Chez La Ghost” and there were literally 20 of us singing and rapping at the top of our lungs. And, I’m pretty sure was a dance-off between Little Wing and some random guy in a vest. We banged on walls and the stage and danced like there was no tomorrow.

2.  Pretty recently at the 3014 location, Low Key effectively slayed our hip-hop souls with the addition of some Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” into the playlist. Looking over at several cats from the scene completely jammin out, I realized The Solution is the ONLY Friday night party that speaks to the hip-hop purist in me.

3.  It was a freezing Friday eve when the guys were still rocking at Funky Buddha. I was rolling deep with the homegirls and we decided to “last call” it at The Solution. Sounds Supreme dropped “Soldier of Love” (this was right when the song came out) and the vibe was so perfect, I could have been at a basement party in Brooklyn.

Ill Seven’s top 3 Solution moments:

1.  The Solution’s Annual Chicken & Waffles Parties: First would have to be the way they held it down with the west coast “Chicken and Waffles” tribute parties!  I’m from the west coast and I’ve never seen anyone ’til them do anything with Chicken and Waffles out here in Denver…and on top of that, hold it down with such a strong west coast vibe, got to love the ideas these guys come up with.

2.  The 2010 (4th Annual) Solution J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village at Bar Standard: Seeing SV Live! I’m a big fan of Dilla and SV; Low Key and Sounds Supreme held Dilla down in such a dope way…I think Dilla would of been honored.

3.  Tanya Morgan & Che Grand at the Solution on the Shelter’s Rooftop:  Last but not least, was the Tanya Morgan show, the first time I saw those cats was at The Solution, and I became a fan. I was hearing a lot of dope things from Low Key about those guys, and knowing the type of music that they play at The Solution I trusted that they would be dope live, and without a question they killed it.

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I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Miss Rachel from PopularLemonade.com & Kid Hum…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s Basementalism alums Miss Rachel (founder of PopularLemonade.com) & the infamous beatmaker Kid Hum (of Fossil Fuel & Offshore Drilling fame); stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Miss Rachel’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1.  Exile & DJ Day at the Solution at the Funky Buddha:  The Solution has been home to countless nights of incredible music, good friends, and dancing bodies  – but one memory distinctly stands out as being so far past excellent in the category of evenings out on the town.

In 2009, two of my favorite producers / djs made their way to Colorado for a Red Bull Music Academy event – Dj Day and Exile.  I had been a pretty big fan girl of both of them and was extremely geeked to share the same room.  I had been listening to mixtapes and beat tapes by both of these gentlemen for the longest time and had always wanted to check them out live.  At this time, no one in Colorado was being proactive about bringing out upcoming artists for the most part.  Sure, you could catch a mainstream artist at a concert venue or your favorite local indie artist in a hole in the wall bar, but what about the artists caught somewhere in between the two?  The idea of bringing talent that was mostly new to Colorado was completely foreign to most promoters and venue owners.

I’ve always believed that it is the dj’s responsibility to bring good, solid, and well-produced music to his or her public.  This has been true since the beginning of hip hop and further illustrated by the efforts of innovators such as Kool Herc, who lead early hip hop culture in the South Bronx. In essence, Herc delivered what people wanted to hear to their ears.

Denver has truly been blessed with Dj Low Key and Sounds Supreme and their efforts to open our ears to innovation and all around solid music.  I had been talking about seeing Dj Day and Exile for a solid month straight and knew that if anything, The Solution would offer me the freshest of the fresh as it had always.

When I arrived at the Funky Buddha that evening, I was prepared for killer dj sets and a lot of dancing, but nothing that I could have imagined actually translated into the reality of the evening.  In true Solution fashion, I walked in, greeted friends, grabbed a drink, and perched myself above the dj booth, trying to hold in excitement and play it cool.  All ego aside, I’d compare it to a 13-year old girl who has a chance to be within 5- feet of Justin Bieber.  I wanted their autographs.

And then, something caught my eye.  Was that a MPC?  Was someone going to rock my face off?  Surely, Dj Day and Exile managed to do exactly that.  I’ve seen MPC set after MPC set, however the dual effort and coordination between these two was unparallel to anything I had seen before.  My jaw remained dropped for a solid fifteen minutes while I watched these two musical masterminds at work.   Have you ever been to a concert or musical performance where you felt different leaving from when you arrived?  It was exactly like that.  I had never seen anyone (more of less two people) rock a live production set in that manner, with such respect for music and attention to detail.

2.  Miss Rachel & Little Wing’s Birthday Party at the Solution at the Funky Buddha:  In 2008, my good friend Xencs L. Wing and I celebrated our birthday at The Solution when it was still held on Thursdays at the Funky Buddha.  Along with a massive carrot cake from my dear friend Vell, the evening was also celebrated with a bottle of Patron from our good friend Buddy.  Cake, good music, and tequila can equal some of the best nights of your life.  At some point, Radio Bum and KS-107.5 legend Dj Chonz joined Sounds Supreme and Low Key behind the decks. At some point, ya girl fell of the dance box and flat on her ass.  You know, there’s always a touch of humility in celebration and I was lucky to be surrounded by the people that mean the most in my life.

3.  DJ Lazy Eyez’s Solution Debut at 3014:  My third favorite memory of The Solution is more recent — actually, just a few weeks ago.  Dj Lazy Eyez has been absolutely instrumental in my growth both professionally and personally.  On December 17th 2010, The Solution welcomed Lazy with a packed dance floor and the party vibe that The Solution is known so well for.  It’s only natural the solution must evolve and grow.  Sounds Supreme, another cherished friend, will be missed by many, including myself — but his shoes have been filled and filled well.

Kid Hum’s Top 3 Solution Moments: