Friday, 11/23 -> The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez moves to the award-winning Black Box!!!!! Catch us for 3 more Fridays at The Meadowlark, then we’re off to Capitol Hill for better sound, more guests, less randoms & plenty of surprises!!!

FRIDAY, 11/23 at 9pm -> HUUUUUUUUUGE NEWS!!! The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez is moving the party for the first time in half a decade! After a fantastic run at The Meadowlark (starting on 12/15/2011, check the timeline below), the party is off to greener pastures in Capitol Hill at the award-winning Black Box (314 E 13th Avenue, basically 13th Ave & Grant). It’s a bittersweet move after so many classic memories over the years, but we’re super excited about the possibilities of upgrading to The Black Box’s renowned sound system, adding a more flexible setup for more out of town and local guests, featuring drink specials again, having options to live stream the party online, teaming up with a weekly food truck (The Jerk Truck, of Goodness fame) & lots more.