The Solution is on Instagram & we’re adding an official photographer to the team! Introducing Armando aka Knower Of The Ledge!!!

If you’ve been following the party for a decent amount of time, you know that we rarely add anyone to the team.  Over the years, the party’s roster has included resident DJs Low Key, Lazy Eyez & Sounds Supreme, official/infamous bartender Jessica and the young homies DJ Dozen & B-Money during The Solution Boulder’s short run (also, huge shouts to honorary members like the cats at Family Affair, Akomplice & Denver Frank).

On that note, we recently made a HUGE addition to the team that we’re excited to announce and his name is @KnowerOfTheLedge aka Armando aka the first official Solution photographer!  He’ll be documenting all of our fun times at the party, and he’s already off to a great start. Take a quick minute to head to his Instagram page to get familiar with his work and see why he’s one of our favorite photographers in Denver, then head over to our Instagram page at @DenverSolution to see what we’ve been up (make sure to follow both, obviously)!  Also, make sure you check out even more great party pics from Armando in the galleries on our Facebook page!!!

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Monday, November 18th, 2013 Updates