Friday, 3/29 -> The Art of Records II Closing Party at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez at the Meadowlark…Don’t miss your last chance to check out the acclaimed art show!

FRIDAY, 3/29 -> It breaks our hearts to say it, but The Art Of Records II’s run at the Meadowlark will be wrapping up shortly, but not before we take one last Friday night at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez to celebrate the amazing art by an all-star lineup of Denver artists.  The show, co-curated by Dunn the Signtologist and DJ Low Key, features some of the city’s top artists flipping classic hip hop albums covers in all sorts of fantastic ways and some of the pieces have already sold, so this will be your last chance to check this great collection of art.  Here’s two top notch recaps of the show’s ridiculous opening night and a little sample of what the show looks like (through the lens of Terrence Duncan), plus more info on the concept. Delicious food by Year Of The Snake/21+/No cover until 11/Only $5 after/2701 Larimer St.

.:The Art Of Records II Opening Recap via & Terrence Duncan:.

.:The Art Of Record II Opening Recap via & Ken Hamblin:.

About The Art Of Records II: Over the last few decades album art has gone from a 12” canvases to a 2” screens, and that’s usually the best-case scenario for the often incredible art that accompanies music releases.  Landmark albums like A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory, Nas’s Illmatic and De La Soul is Dead have instantly recognizable covers that are embedded in music and art lovers’ psyches forever, but the 12” as a canvas has become a rarity in the public eye.  Everyone from music and art lovers to average people on the street still connect to both the album art and 12” format, yet we rarely take the time to honor the truly great ones.  The Art Of Records is an exhibit that aims to do just that; focusing on the legacy of exceptional art accompanying exceptional music and the idea of introducing both to a new generation.

The Art Of Records combines art, music and tradition to celebrate and honor the rich history and mystique of record cover art, 12″ vinyl and the artists that create it (both musically and graphically). Curated by Dunn the Signtologist and DJ Low Key, the exhibit features a series of classic 12″ album and single covers re-imagined and recreated by top artists in Denver.  The 12” covers will also be on display and the concept comes full circle with DJ Low Key playing an all vinyl set of the featured records as the night’s soundtrack.

The all-star lineup of artists for The Art Of Records II:


Ian Rumley

Stacy Sturdy

Tristan Minton

Thomas Evans

Michael Coriano

Dunn The Signtologist

Joseph Martinez

Jaime Molina




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