Meet Neon Brown, our featured CO producer for The Solution Showcase #11 on 12/22 at the Meadowlark…

Denver, meet Neon Brown, one eclectic dude and quite the producer/DJ.  I first learned about Neon when he threw a J Dilla tribute at the Beauty Bar last February, but it turns out he’d actually collaborated with both previous Solution Showcase feature Fast Forward and Solution co-founder Sounds Supreme years before we even started The Solution.  Since then he’s spent time in New York, where he linked up with Roots affiliate and Money Making Jam Boy Truck North, made his way back to Denver and since has moved out to the Bay Area.  In the mean time he managed to drop three projects in 2012 alone; Teenagers, It’s Spring Again & Child’s Play.  Check out all three projects on both his bandcamp & soundcloud pages and stay tuned “Riot Act”, the upcoming Neon Brown-produced single from Truck North featuring Homeboy Sandman, and a rumored collab with Donwill (of Tanya Morgan fame). – DJ Low Key

Here’s more on the musical madness that is Neon Brown from his bio:

“Neon Brown is a Musician/ Audio Engineer born and raised in Denver CO. He went to Audio Engineering school in New York and currently resides in Oakland CA. Over the past six years he has been working hard on his career as an Audio Engineer and Producer before then, not so hard working. He has produced for such artists as Mickey Theis and Truck North and plans to keep on with the keepin’ on. Neon has seven children out of wedlock and tends to provide for three of them even though this was not his previous plan. Neon likes sorbet, sunlight, two of his children and pizza. As a child he picked up the guitar and learned to play people. As an adult he has watched his one son to grow up into a funeral and there for will never have children again. As a wise old man he will throw lavish parties full of half naked women and seltzer where talking is optional. Space suits are his past time and when his life is over he hopes to accomplish hoop dreams. That is all. You’re welcome.”

Now that you’re up on his music, don’t miss Neon Brown at The Solution Showcase #11 on Saturday, 12/22, along with Q-Tip/No I.D. protege Spree Wilson, Fresh Breath Committee’s Fo Chief and all three Solution DJs; DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme & Lazy Eyez at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St).

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Friday, December 21st, 2012 Guests, The Solution Showcase