I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from Sounds Supreme & C1 of Food Chain…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution tonight, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from the party’s co-founder, DJ Sounds Supreme, and C1 of Food Chain, one of Denver’s best hip hop acts; the party starts at 9 tonight, don’t miss it!!!

Sounds Supreme’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

In almost 4 years of throwing a weekly party memories and events tend to stack up.  With over 200 successful nights, The Solution has had its fair share of ups, downs, random dance contests, bad requests, shots, shots, beers, shots, and without a doubt, one hell of a loyal following.  To sort out my “favorite” Solution moments is like asking me what M.O.P song I want at my funeral…there’s to many.  So here are just a few that stick out when I look back.

1. The Akomplice Season Six Release Party at the Solution at the Shelter: My first is a super random night that some might have considered a bust.  Not me.  The Akomplice season 6 release party with Tonedeff and the almighty CopyWrite on top of Bar Standards roof top.  Oh man.  Skipping ahead to the exciting part of the story, after I rocked a warm up set and a few local acts performed it was CopyWrite’s shot at mile high history.  Stumbling on stage blown out of his mind off booze and a handful of pills a roommate of mine had given him, (I will leave the roomies name and pill type out of this story), CopyWrite attempted his set.  No more than 2 minutes in, he was forgetting his raps and talking shit to girls in the crowd.  The tension on the roof was growing.  The crowd was heckling him and he was mouthing off twice as bad to them.  It got so bad that after he fell twice on to the dj monitor I had the honor of removing his microphone from his grips and asking him to step off stage.  Surprisingly he abided and went on his way.  I remember thinking to myself, “that went well, it could have been way worse, glad its over”.  Nope.  Less than an hour later I hear screaming and shouting that Copy had snatched a box of Akomplice gear, several women’s purses and was running down the street with his pants around his ankles!  With further inspection the shreaks of insanity proved to be true.  I later heard that he got beat up in the parking lot.  How crazy is that!?  Oh well, I still like “Tower of Babble”.

2. My second favorite memory has to be the first annual Chicken & Waffles night:  I remember Low Key cooking tons of waffles in his apartment.  I went to the Hornet, a local restaurant and requested the biggest to-go order of chicken they had ever seen.  As I waited patiently, enjoying multiple shots and beers, I remember thinking; “this is awesome, how fun is this night going to be”.  However, when I arrived at the bar to setup I encountered a sweaty, exhausted DJ Low Key, who at the time wasn’t happy about preparing 70 waffles in a small oven.  I will never forget it was the first time Low and I had yelled at each other too! More problems arose with plating, how to keep the food warm, where was the butter and syrup, etc.  It’s not everyday they serve food in the club.  We ended up getting it all handled and the night went to plan.  Both Low and myself had awesome west coast sets, Klotz brought some strippers to have dinner, and by the end of the night the stress had been lifted and we honestly through a solid party, good night!

3. The last but definitely not least has to be the first night of The Solution:   This was one of those nights that you look back on and not only remember it; you remember an exact feeling you had at a specific moment.  Mine occurred just after we got set up and started playing.  I didn’t know Low Key that well and had never seen a large portion of the crowd that was there.  I was nervous and new to Serato.  This did not help that I had maybe 100 mp3s on my laptop and no idea what to play after Jaylib “Champion Sound” that Low Key had people singing and dancing to.   Needless to say my set came up short that night.  But I digress, that is not the point of this memory.  The great thing about this night was the collective vibe.  It created a feeling that I remember so clear, and only can be described as, “This is the shit”.  I was at one point so taken back by how well everyone in the place was enjoying themselves I had completely forgotten about my piss poor dj set.  It was the night that eliminated all doubt I had about playing “good” hip hop at a club and it being successful.  My previous attempt with Good Fridays wasn’t a fail, but as Styles refers to it “ahead of its time”.  Not to come off as to sentimental, but this was the night that I bought into the product of The Solution.  I’m glad I did.

C1 of Food Chain’s Top 3 Solution Moments:

1.  The Foodchain “Corpses” Listening Party at the Solution:  I saw a friend I went to high school with from Milwaukee (random) and she asked have I ever heard of the Foodchain? I told her I was in the Foodchain and she told me that she had heard one of our songs on the radio in Milwaukee…Pretty cool.

2.  The Song “My Coat” Off The FoodChain EP. Part of it (the second verse) took place at the Solution, during a date I had. (Download Foodchain “My Coat” here).

3.  The most memorable moments at the Solution were walking in and getting mad love from DJ Low Key & DJ Sounds Supreme. Low Key was the 1st to play Foodchain music in the club, to my knowledge and it was at the Solution…Big up DJ Low Key.

Friday, February 4th, 2011 I Remember