I Remember: The top 3 Solution moments from writer Ru Johnson & Ill Seven of Isolated Generation…

To get ready for the 4th Anniversary of the Solution on Friday, Feb. 4th, we’re checking in with some of our favorite regulars and people around Denver to hear what their favorite moments from the party have been.  Here’s favorites from writer Ru Johnson and Ill Seven of Isolated Generation; stay tuned for more classic memories leading up to the party on 2/4.

Ru Johnson’s top 3 Solution moments:

1.  One of my first times at The Solution (at the Buddha) one of the deejays played “Cher Chez La Ghost” and there were literally 20 of us singing and rapping at the top of our lungs. And, I’m pretty sure was a dance-off between Little Wing and some random guy in a vest. We banged on walls and the stage and danced like there was no tomorrow.

2.  Pretty recently at the 3014 location, Low Key effectively slayed our hip-hop souls with the addition of some Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” into the playlist. Looking over at several cats from the scene completely jammin out, I realized The Solution is the ONLY Friday night party that speaks to the hip-hop purist in me.

3.  It was a freezing Friday eve when the guys were still rocking at Funky Buddha. I was rolling deep with the homegirls and we decided to “last call” it at The Solution. Sounds Supreme dropped “Soldier of Love” (this was right when the song came out) and the vibe was so perfect, I could have been at a basement party in Brooklyn.

Ill Seven’s top 3 Solution moments:

1.  The Solution’s Annual Chicken & Waffles Parties: First would have to be the way they held it down with the west coast “Chicken and Waffles” tribute parties!  I’m from the west coast and I’ve never seen anyone ’til them do anything with Chicken and Waffles out here in Denver…and on top of that, hold it down with such a strong west coast vibe, got to love the ideas these guys come up with.

2.  The 2010 (4th Annual) Solution J Dilla Tribute w/ Slum Village at Bar Standard: Seeing SV Live! I’m a big fan of Dilla and SV; Low Key and Sounds Supreme held Dilla down in such a dope way…I think Dilla would of been honored.

3.  Tanya Morgan & Che Grand at the Solution on the Shelter’s Rooftop:  Last but not least, was the Tanya Morgan show, the first time I saw those cats was at The Solution, and I became a fan. I was hearing a lot of dope things from Low Key about those guys, and knowing the type of music that they play at The Solution I trusted that they would be dope live, and without a question they killed it.

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Monday, January 17th, 2011 I Remember